Entrepreneurship Support Programs

We collaborate with public and private sector entrepreneurship programs – which are helping more entrepreneurs to succeed.
Our experience is based on helping more than 25.000 entrepreneurs to build their business cases.
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Entrepreneurs are important!

Entrepreneurs create innovation, economic growth and challenge competitors to improve.
Entrepreneurs make valuable contributions to the development of societies. They contribute to the growth of companies and help individuals fulfill their potential.

Key elements of succesful support programs

There are five key elements of successful entrepreneurship support programs
We understand what is needed to help create entrepreneurial value over time:

Clear mandate and objectives

Any entrepreneurship support program must have a clear mandate from its financiers, a clearly defined target group, tangible objectives for the program and a timeframe that ensures lasting improvement.

Competent advisors

The program must be managed by advisors who have a firm understanding of entrepreneurship theory, in addition to real-life entrepreneurial experience. 

A backbone method

The personal knowledge and experience of the advisors must be combined with a common methodology – making sure the entrepreneur gets uniform advice across the program.

A digital support platform

For entrepreneurship support to be accessible and structured over time, the methods must be available through an entrepreneurship management and e-learning system.

Data insights and statistics

To learn from and improve the program, the activities of the entrepreneurs and the results achieved must be measured in a well-designed analysis system.

Managing the entrepreneurial journey!

Navigating between different support programs on offer can be challenging for entrepreneurs and assigning each entrepreneur to the right program can be difficult for the advisors.

Collaboration between programs should be organized in a structured support flow that connects the dots between what will be the right program, workshop, course or incubator for each entrepreneur.

The Entreprenerdy activity system

Together with leading universities and built on modern theory, we have developed a 27-step framework for entrepreneurship. These elements can be customized and are the backbone to your specific support program.

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